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Travel & Transport, Image shows pretty young female hitch-hiker thumbing a lift. Most things to do with travel and transport you can find on Potless.  Wheels are what makes the world go round right? Got a half pallet of ‘stuff’ you want shipping from Liverpool to London in a hurry? Or even a single package? ‘Man with a Van’, ‘White Van Man’ & truckers browse these pages. Often they’ll be working for somebody else but have a bit of space in the back, or they’re running one way EMPTY. They tend to be handy people who think on their feet, always on the lookout for ‘a little extra’. Just be sure to pay them in ‘readies’. These guys are flying up & down the motorways 24/7 so why not use ’em?

Moving home is a stressful time. Removal quotes can vary by thousands of pounds depending on the type of service you choose and the distance travelled. Big savings in cost can be made if you only have a small number of furniture pieces to move and you can fit in with others. Shipping articles you’ve bought or sold online can be cheaper too by going down this road instead of using a dedicated courier service. Use Potless to match journeys to suitable vehicles & save a shedload of cash.

You’ll likely be too young to remember, but ‘back in the day’ places like Staples Corner in London or ‘any roundabout on the A1’ you’d see hitch-hikers. Thumbing a lift used to be pretty normal for independently minded teenagers & 20-30 year olds. Sometimes it would be a young chick fooling motorists into thinking she was alone. Only when a driver stopped & engaged in conversation did the  male accomplice reveal hinself…at the last minute.  Complete with guitar & a rucksack big enough to support a team of Sherpas. Those days are gone, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t decent souls out there needing transport at LOW COST or for FREE. Conversely, there are motorists and commercial drivers who’d relish the company of an interesting stranger on a long journey. If your travel times are flexible, why pay sky-high train fares (the price exceeding the cost of a cheap secondhand car in many cases!!!)? Hitch a ride on Potless instead. It’s ten times easier than standing in the wind & rain, & safer too, as we require all users to register.

Travel & Transport can be local, national or global. We’re not yet reaching for the stars, but if the Government bails out Branson, that might still be on the table courtesy of Virgin Galactica. Time will tell. Seriously though, are you travelling to work each day alone as in Single Occupancy? Some cities have introduced dedicated lanes for cars carrying 2 + passengers in an effort to beat congestion. So why not try and find some-one to Car Share with on the daily commute. Both of you can cut costs, leaving more funds for better things. Like holidays for example.

Going on holiday alone for many people is no fun at all, but have you thought of looking for a travel companion? Some-one who shares the same interests, and seeks good company too?  Who knows, you could find your purrfect Travel Companion here on Potless. If you don’t ask, you won’t find. Give it a try. Even just booking a holiday can get you all tied up in knots.  When you’re browsing the net for cheap deals, the data often makes no sense, with different rates quoted for seemingly identical packages. That’s what the travel trade likes to do: CONFUSE and BAFFLE. Sometimes another pair of eyes works wonders. Find travel experts or seasoned travellers who know the tricks of the trade. They may help to save you from being RIPPED OFF for little more than a drink. Or two. Making sure you’ve double checked the contract, dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, will mean you can look forward to your holiday with PEACE OF MIND. Do you have a particular travel & transport ‘want’ or ‘offer’ you’d like to highlight on Potless? We’re always on the lookout for additional ways ordinary people can benefit from our platform. Let us know via the Contact Form and we’ll consider adding it to our database. Happy Holidays y’all!

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