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Most of us need help from time to time keeping up with Technology & Internet. Image shows a keyboard woth social media symbolsWithout Technology & Internet we wouldn’t have Potless! Hundreds of things deemed nowadays ‘impossible to live without’ weren’t even invented 20 years ago. Love them or hate them, technology & mobile phones have taken over. Did you know the computer in your mobile is more powerful than the one NASA used to get a man to the moon? If you’re a believer! Conspiracies anyone? Talking of secrets, who would have thought that we would have become daft enough to allow devices into our homes that can eavesdrop on our most intimate conversations? Or allow 30% of the price of our local Indian Takeaway order to go directly to a handful of billionaires? Yep, a few mostly American megaliths are running the world, think Google, Apple, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Microsoft. Crazy? You bet. But we’re stuck with them, for now.

It’s not easy keeping up with technology and a good many of us could use a hand from a geek now & then. OK, you can jump on You-Tube and browse the ‘How-To’ videos, but they’re not always the most helpful. A bit like flat pack furniture manuals.  Sometimes you just can’t beat a friendly 121 with a real person who knows their stuff, especially those kinda folk that get a buzz from helping others. What might seem an impossible task to you, may well be childsplay to a young GenZer with time on their hands. Unlocking a phone? Simple. Why bother going to some no-mark in a trendy phone store who’ll tell you it can’t be done so they can sell you a new one? Its the way the world works. How do you get rid of a virus on your pc? Answer: With difficulty. Or how about taking a selfie and accessing settings on your new phone? Is that hard to fathom? You’re not the only one out there that finds these things trying!  Social Media is the way most people get their news these days, but taking that first step & creating an account can be daunting. Un-necessary even? Once you’re on board though it’s Easy-Peasy. Pretty soon you’ll wonder however you managed without. Setting it up correctly from the beginning isn’t always plain sailing, and rememeber there are security issues at stake. That’s the nature of technology. Be careful. All the help & advice you need can be had for little more than small change here on Potless.  Seek out some-one to ‘Show me Tell me’. #JustDoIt (Aha, curious about the hashtag? Hashtags are an integral part of social media use, did you know that? Ask your friendly geek to tell you more, but don’t forget to reward him/her for their effort, even if it’s with nothing more than a cuppa. Or #CuppasTogether; a hashtag promoted by tea makers PG Tips in an effort to combat loneliness. See guys…that’s something else you’ve learned today!) #Help4FREE #Help4HIRE

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