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Image of kind helper delivering shopping to an older personShopping lists & errands. Not so long ago that’s what people did most Saturday’s on a local High Street near YOU. But those days are gone. Forever. Retailers have been shifting emphasis & operations from local centres and re-locating online for years. At first it was a trickle, then a stream. Covid-19 is accelerating the process, and taking with it the last relics of your Town Centre. The penny hasn’t dropped yet for hundreds of thousands of ‘furloughed’ retail  workers. Many of them believe they’re going to walk back into the workplace ‘once its all blown over’.  Sadly, it ain’t gonna happen, because businesses who’ve been nimble & moved operations online to survive ‘the virus’ are likely to stay there. Especially when they see an uptick in profits due to lower overheads associated with e-commerce. Let’s look at an analogy….

In 1985, Ernie Wise (TV series 1968-1977) made the UK’s very first mobile phone call. ‘Mobile’ had arrived, but costs was prohibitive, so early users were either very rich or those given phones for work.  In 1992, the first networks were in place, Orange and One2One. Mobile phone use was very slow to spread at first, and people were reluctant to call one for years, due to high costs of connection. Ericson, Motorola & Nokia were the frontrunners in supplying handsets. Nokia had deep understanding of the potential, marketing products that were first & foremost EASY TO USE. Others focused their efforts on attention grabbing status symbols. Nokia won the day. How so? Because EASY meant other people ‘got it’ too, turning to mobile as the preferred method of looking up a friend’s number. Once significant numbers got on board, designers turned their attention to the fun & fashion side, and the rest is history. Now, most of us don’t think twice about calling a mobile. Costs have plummeted on the back of convenience.

A similar scenario is being played out now with online shopping. Staff here at Potless range in age from Baby Boomers to Young GenZs, & Millennials in-between. All of us shop online. We are DONE with traffic & parking hassles, time constraints, mediocre customer service & poor stock levels at traditional retail outlets. (If you’re female and a Size 16, you’ll know what we mean) For us, online shopping is QUICK & EASY to find, pick, collect or deliver items of our choice. In the past decade, internet shopping has gone from non-existence to a multi-billion pound industry. By 2021, 93% of UK internet users are expected to do online shopping, the highest online shopping penetration rate in Europe.

It would be easy to assume ‘everyone shops online these days‘, but that’s NOT THE CASE. Take a look at this article. If you’re short on time, to summarise, the story is about a bloke in lockdown who hasn’t yet grasped the simplicity and convenience of shopping online.

‘We keep being told internet shopping is the future, but it leaves me completely cold’  he whines, before continuing: Why would you want to sit around all day waiting for something to be delivered, when you can go and see what you are buying beforehand, and take it home at your convenience?’ He’s fearful of venturing onto the web. He believes (his words): it ‘will invariably involve spending half a morning setting up an account, handing over personal details to somebody I have never met, and creating passwords I will have forgotten by tomorrow. It will also involve paying up front for a product I have not ever seen, and hoping it arrives before the grass reaches the windowsills…..’

At Team Potless, we’re grateful to Mark Andrews for penning the article, because it gave younger Members of Staff a reality check; Dinosaurs still exist and they are alive & well ( just). We jest, but clearly Andrews has NEVER or at least NOT RECENTLY shopped online.

  • ‘Sit around all day waiting?’ Online deliveries are timed to the minute, so you know exactly WHEN.
  • ‘Can’t see what you’re buying?’ How about 12 close-up images, a full technical spec, FAQ’s, and scores of trusted reviews giving feedback for product AND service.
  • ‘Half a morning setting up an account’? Use Guest Checkout option, no detailed account necessary.
  • Handing over personal details?’ Your name & addy are in the public domain anyway; if bank details REALLY BOTHER YOU, then open an account specifically for shopping online & fund it accordingly. Yes, you really can open an online bank account too, it takes just minutes.

Some folk have difficulty coping with change, and coming to terms with the ‘new normal’ before accepting the situation and moving forward. Potless is a platform designed to help people with change and difficult circumstances. Rest assured there are kind & compassionate souls around who ARE up to speed with things you’re not yet comfortable with. We make it easy to find them here on Potless. Get Help with ‘Shopping’ or click ‘Technology & Internet’

On a more basic & immediate level, might you need help with food shopping? Using supermarkets for local grocery deliveries isn’t always the best bet. Why? Because often they’ll have no available slots for days. So what can you do if you’re needing something now? You’re in the middle of a recipe and thought you had everything in the cupboard only to find you’re missing a vital ingredient. Perhaps transport you usually rely upon isn’t available. If you can’t walk to shops open near you, or you don’t have enough funds for a taxi or bus, the simple answer is to Ask for Help! Post your shopping errand on Potless and chances are some-one close-by will be glad to assist, Try it now!

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