What’s the meaning of the word ‘Errand’ or errand running service? They’re old fashioned terms referring to people sent on short trips to attend to business or household affairs on behalf of another. In recent years the term ‘errand boy’ has been figuratively used to criticize people controlled by someone more powerful: for example ‘the minister is nothing more than an errand boy for the big pharmaceutical companies’. Its more traditional use and meaning is once again coming to the fore though, as increasing numbers of busy working, older and/or housebound people seek help with mundane daily chores & tasks. ‘Running errands examples’ are Image of pins on a map marking households looking for help with errandsgrocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, posting parcels/returning goods, taking pets to vets, transport to doctors, hospitals, dentists & therapists, help with laundry, many of the things was set up for. Browse the 21+ categories to learn more. What makes a good errand runner? Someone who’s trustworthy, kind compassionate & reliable. Find them here on by posting your needs under ‘Errands’ category. If you’re reading this and you like helping others, consider signing up as an errand runner. The work’s usually local, it’s fun, its different, and you can make good money doing it, especially if you can co-ordinate several different people’s tasks together. You don’t need much more than a mobile phone, some means of transport, a willingness to be flexible, and a ‘Can Do’ attitude. Some runners even make a career out of it, earning themselves three figure sums daily. To do this log on to potless several times a day because ‘the early bird always get’s the worm’.  Get yourself DBS checked….you can easily do that through the site, and you’ll be good to go. Remember, repeat business is king; earn trust with a handful of households and it’s a WIN-WIN for all concerned.Running errands is good for both parties, WIN-WIN, explained here



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