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Property problems are easily fixed, Image shows man with property maintenance skills fixing a tapPotless is right there when it comes to maintenance & common property problems.  Landlords, tenants, home-owners, bedsits, flats, students in shared accommodation, lone person & single parent households, holiday lets, cottages, second homes, investment properties…the list goes on, whatever your situation, few people get through life without property problems & issues of some kind. And you can bet your bottom dollar the time you need help most will be the time no-one’s around! Fact.

Changing a light bulb for most of us is one of the simplest property maintenance jobs out there. Or more correctly, it USED TO BE. Nowadays there are hundreds of different types and styles; choosing the wrong one could be expensive, or even dangerous. What about access? Is the bulb high up; is it difficult to access like a cooker hood, oven or fridge light, concealed lighting, outside lighting? All things to consider, and something you might not want to do, especially if you’re less than 100% fit and able. Not many folk would call an electrician on the grounds of expense or not wanting to ‘feel stupid’ but there’s no need. You’ll find plenty of people on Potless from handymen to ordinary householders only too happy to swap those bulbs for you. Shine a light on property problem fixers here.

Finding a good painters & decorators is like trying to find a NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK. Many folk, even some in the trade, consider women to be better than men when it comes to wielding a paintbrush or hanging paper. Whatever your view, browse the listings, trade your skills using the Barter Option or Ask for Help.

Another allegedly simple task which has most people all tied up in knots is? Flat pack furniture assembly. Have you ever been confused by instructions? Does the illustrated arrowed sequence for assembly miss out a stage? Does it refer to a different model entirely to the one you’re trying your damnedest to build? Manufacturers’ technical authors are often guilty of writing manuals along the lines of their own culture, which may be very different to that of the product’s destination. Good flat pack furniture assemblers tend to be mechanically apt and able to fit things together quickly and easily, so snap to it! Post your flat pack assembly task on Potless today, and in no time at all your new furniture will be out the box and good to go.

Got a cold radiator? Frightened of trying or don’t know how to bleed the system? How about a leaking tap, that’s wasting water & costing you MONEY? Most property problems can be fixed easily and quickly; it’s not rocket science, but it does need basic knowledge & care to avoid expensive damage. The same thing applies to a blocked toilet; many people have been there, done it and got the T-shirt so post the job in order to locate them. Remember, you may be offer them a service they know little or nothing about. That’s why we invented Potless: Linking people with confidence & know-how to others searching Help4HIRE or Help4FREE

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