Image shows amateur photographer using drone to take aerial photos & pics, the changing face of PhotographySome say photography died the moment a camera lens found its way onto a mobile & every one and their neighbour became a PHOTOGRAPHER? Others reckon its decline began at the outset of Digital Photography. Rapid advancement of technology has allowed anyone to take photos & achieve results previously exclusive to the photography profession.  No longer is technical knowledge & photographic skill a pre-requisite for a ‘stunning photo’. Automation in today’s  mobiles mean 99% of all pics captured are correctly exposed thanks to onboard computers more powerful than what they used to get a Man to the Moon. (or did they?) Whole armies of Photo Journalists have found themselves consigned to the scrapheap, replaced by just about everyone out there in the form of ‘Citizen Journalists’, paid to share content shot from their mobiles.

This explosion in photography enthusiasts has a positive side though. Many millions of images are getting shared online DAILY. Most of them are dull and uninspiring, but hey…thats always been the case! Older readers may squirm when they recall dull winter evenings poring over a wealthy neighbour’s World Trip courtesy of a slide projector & a white living room wall. Nothing much has changed. Except the sheer volume of photos! We all know of seniors who just can’t help  pointing & shooting grandchildren, with image numbers running into the tens of thousands before the kid’s reached even its First Birthday. It comes as no surprise that by age 2, said kids are experts in posing technique; YAWN. The tens of millions of ‘photographers’ out there today are driving a new elite, skilled in delivering even higher levels of creativity. Isn’t that a force for the good? Does it inspire YOU to up your photography game?

Focusing [pun intended] on QUALITY over QUANTITY means you’ll need to get the best out of your equipment, but it takes a special kind of VISION to create an image that can capture emotion and tell a story. Photography’s not dead, it’s just changing. Whether you want to take better pictures, fix ones you already have, learn how to get creative with photo editors like PhotoShop, or how to shoot footage from a drone, all options are open here on Potless. Don’t be backwards in coming forward: snap to it & Ask for Help

PS:Don’t forget the other end of the lens! Are you an aspiring model? Are your kids or pets photogenic? Do you have space suitable for a photographer to use as a studio? Or land you could offer for outdoor photo shoots in return for £s shillings and pence? If you don’t ask you don’t get. All these things are in-demand. There are specialist sites for them but you’re just as well posting Photographic Wants/Needs here at