Pet Services

Pets at Home need a lot of looking after, Image shows a young pet sitter cuddling a St Bernard dogRunning statistics for 2019 & 2019 show that 40% of households in the UK have pets at home.

  • 26% of the UK’s adults have a dog with an estimated population of nearly 10 million dogs!
  • 24% have a cat with a population estimated at 11 million cats. (PDSA Animal Well-being Report)
  • 1% of households keep rabbits, with about 600,ooo bunnies in total
  • There are about 200,000 pet snakes (is that why there’s a coloured bright light in one of your neighbour’s rooms?
  • New figures just released (April 20) indicate there are now more tropical pet fish in the UK than cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs combined.

Pet Services and pets at home are BIG BUSINESS, & it’s a hobby slash interest that doesn’t come cheap.  Dogs alone account for an eye-watering £57 billion spent annually by UK owners on all manner of things from dog daycare, food & treats, dog grooming, walking, vetinary services, transport, training, shows, kennels, coats leads & collars, beds, cushions, etc, WOW!

Now if you’ve ever tried to find a local dog walker for a ONE-OFF walk or a pet sitter available for the odd nights board you’ll know it can be a TOUGH CALL! For every reliable & business-like dog walking professional there are a half dozen flakey part-timers, content do the bare minimum in terms of work to ‘get by’. That’s OK! Not everyone likes to live at 100mph. But if you’re looking for some-one at short notice to take care of pets at home these people are unlikely to solve your problem. Do you think that in addition to the 26% of Adults who have a dog, there’s another ‘x%’ of people who used to have one, or would really like one, but the commitment of ownership doesn’t fit in with their current lifestyle? Some of these people have deep love & understanding of dogs, cats & small animal care, and would love to get involved at times to suit THEM, and YOU! Find them here on Potless. The same goes for dog training. There are a number of good experienced people who don’t put themselves out as pet service professionals but are well versed in canine behavioral techniques all the same. They might relish the challenge…..of your badly behaved dog! It needn’t cost a fortune retaining like minded folk to help care for your pets at home, Go Fetch!

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