Personal and Friendship

Personal & Friendship: Image shows senior lady holding hand of younger female friendGoogle ‘Personal & Friendship’ and you get 723 million results, mostly about how to make friends. We live in supposedly the most connected age in history, yet many people are more LONELY than ever before.  A lot of families aren’t ‘close’ like they used to be. Millions of single people across our green & so called pleasant land young & old, don’t feel connected at all. Some find themselves completely isolated, not speaking to another soul from one week to the next.  It’s a worsening problem that’s not gone un-noticed in the corridors of Whitehall. Tracey Crouch was appointed the UK & world’s first ‘Minister for Loneliness’ in January 2018. This was in response to the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness which released a report recommending the country commit to serious action on the issue. It called on public sector leaders, mayors, councils, community groups, business leaders, employers, volunteers and everyday citizens to act on loneliness. Not much has emerged since then other than hot air, a Facebook video, and 2-3 million quid to promote ‘Tech to Connect’ & a few community projects.

Most of us benefit from Friends & Friendship. Did you know there are 6 stages in Friendship Development? Acquaintances are at the bottom of the scale, ‘people you know slightly’. You’ll see & talk to them occasionally or even on a regular basis but it goes no further than that; they’re not your actual friend, nevertheless, it can be a first step to them becoming a friend. Mentors are next. Mentors share knowledge & their experience with us, but unless they’re on a  similar level to you, they may never become real friends. Online friends come in at #3 spot. The digital generation classify these followers as their friends but all too often they’re fickle & flakey, and no substitute for genuine one-on-one interaction you get with real-life friends. Some-one you spend time with and have ‘bonded with’ is classed as a Friend…even these can by ‘fluid’ with highs & lows; no two friendships are the same. Trusted Friends are #2; people you would consider part of your Inner Circle. You’ll know most things about each others lives & will meet or talk toegther often. Top of the list are Best Friends: people with whom you’re very close, almost like family. They’ll be there ‘for us’ good times and bad.

So what about Intimate Friends we hear you ask?  Its tricky. Any one of the 6 stages of friendship can spawn an Intimate Relationship. These are defined as:‘interpersonal relationships that involve physical or emotional intimacy’ and are commonly sexual. Dating & Escorting websites are second in terms of popularity after ‘friend related’  entries when you search Google, but we don’t include these as services available on Potless.

Potless revolves around the ‘little things in life’. Would you benefit from some-one dropping by once in a while for a chat, and maybe a little laughter?  Help with a crossword? Play a card or board game together?  Do you have trouble with reading and would love it if some-one read a book to you aloud? No problem. Loneliness is a state of mind & can be cured. Really. Use Potless to connect and help Consign Loneliness to the Bin. For good. Who knows, good friendships could stem from your search for help providers here on Potless, Scan through the categories now. You might be surprised at the useful things you can find….