Learning & Education

Education & Learning are keys to a better & more fulfilling life, Image shows hand with chalk and blackboardEver heard the saying ‘Change is the only constant’? Sometimes the biggest challenge is learning how to adapt to changes that seemingly come out of NOWHERE, and are unexpected, a bit like Covid-19 for example. Question is, will you emerge a winner or a loser?  There are 4 distinct stages to most peoples response to Change; they are:

  1. Shock & Disorientation
  2. Anger & other emotional responses
  3. Coming to terms with the ‘new normal’
  4. Acceptance of the situation & moving forward

Embracing change, means you may need to LEARN new skills for happiness & fulfillment at work & a brighter future. Some say teachers & education professionals are the most important people on the planet. Other’s can’t stand them, because ‘they always know best’. Fact is, there are tens of thousands of brilliant teachers retired early who are bored and miss their vocation; These people thrive on helping others to LEARN. Deprive them of that and a good many of them are MISERABLE in retirement. Why is this?  The pysychological reason for this is that they’re often experiencing shortfalls in ‘continuity’. Continuity doesn’t just apply to their work; Leisure pursuits, hobbies, friendships outside the school or learning environment are all things that can & should continue when people retire. However, if these ‘extra curricular’ activities were thin on the ground whilst they were in work, emotional problems can kick in BIG-TIME when their full-time career comes to an end. That’s the reason so many retirees take ‘bridging jobs’, to help soften what to them is a ‘blow’.  Bridging jobs ease them into their new ‘situation’ & help them adjust to change from full time work to retired status.

Potless is a platform that matches people wants and needs. You can see that getting help on your chosen subject from a teacher isn’t a one way ticket. You’ll be HELPING THEM TOO, to live a life that’s more fulfilling and rewarding…

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever

Mahatama Gandhi