Image of Home or Away home swap graphic Love Holidays but facing difficult choices?  With money tight & the travel & hospitality industry in chaos, many people are thinking twice before booking. Will it be cheap holidays at Home or Away this year? Staycations have been gaining in popularity since the Banking Crisis yet can still cost SHEDLOADS OF CASH, more in some cases than a sunshine holiday abroad. So what’s the answer? Swapping might be one way you could holiday for less. Imagine two families, five hundred miles apart. One lives in sunny Cornwall, the other near Loch Lomond in the Trossachs.  The Cornish yearn for mountains, space & an escape from the crowds. The Scots love living in an area of outstanding natural beauty, but tire of grey skies, low temperatures and rain.  That could be a match made in heaven. It’s something Potless can facilitate and the best bit is? You’ll get away for a break at a fraction of the cost of booking through conventional channels. That’s the beauty of Potless; we’re geared to disrupting traditional business practises (aka GREED) to bring about CHANGE and best VALUE FOR MONEY. What’s not to love?

There are numerous opportunities to swap. Park homes, static caravans, holiday cottages and second homes, airbnb’s luxury boats & yatchs, even residential homes can be swapped. Some folk are finding it difficult to finance trips to holiday homes they own abroad. Better times will return. In the meantime, don’t panic and short sell! Find a UK family who can & would like to go to your holiday home, while you stay in their home or airbnb when they’re away. Every cloud has a silver lining. For decades, millions of people have been flying & cruising worldwide, neglecting some of the ‘jewels’ we have here in the UK. It isn’t all about sun sea & bragging rights at the golf club! Click here to post home swap wants and find your holiday match.

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