Gardening can be Hard Work

Many gardening jobs are hard work, Image shows man cutting long grass with a lawn mowerWho doesn’t love to relax in a pleasant garden? Gardens offer sanctuary from a Mad World. There are a multitude of tasks necessary to maintain even the smallest of plots, and some Gardening Jobs can be hard work.  The garden furniture or storage box you’ve always promised yourself isn’t as easy as you thought it was to put together. Nosy neighbours? You don’t want to give them the benefit of watching you struggle. Garden screening might be an answer but where do you start? And what about that broken fence panel? Could you do with a helping hand? Another pair of eyes might help with visualising alternative small garden ideas, or even full scale garden design.

Garden Jobs vary with the seasons. Winter is a time for planning & prep. Its a good time to plant roses, shrubs, climbing plants & if you don’t leave it too late, bulbs. If you’re thinking about establishing a hedge, now’s the time to plant. In early Spring, it looks like there’s nothing much to do, but if you make a start on Garden Clearance ridding borders of weeds & moss, you’ll be grateful you made the effort come Summer. Garden Ponds need clearing out too, but don’t stretch too far or  you might be in over your head.  Find a friend to watch over you or Get Help. Spring’s a good time to prune shrubs and trees too. Are you able to access them safely? Do you have a ladder or need to borrow one? Are you in need of advice about where to make the cuts? And what about your lawn? Spring’s the time to dust off your lawnmower but is it in good working order? If not you might want to Get Help, especially if its heavy and cumbersome & you need to take it for service. Normally the first two weeks in April are the best time to start trimming a lawn.

Summer’s a busy time for gardeners. You’ll likely need to water plants. Who can do that for you if you’re away at any time? If neighbours are too busy, you might want to find someone with time on their hands to check things over. Summer’s a great time to build garden features like decking, patios, ponds, pagolas. Garden sheds sometimes come with a team to help build them up, other times you’re on your own. You don’t always need to hire expensive professionals to help! There are tons of handymen and practical people with green fingers willing to roll their sleeves up and work at affordable rates. They may live closeby unbeknown to you so use Potless to find them.

Mow your lawn for the last time around the end of October, but don’t cut it too short, because longer grass can make better use of limited sunlight. Don’t waste your money on expensive Lawn Care Specialists who’ll turn up for 5 minutes when they feel like it and costa fortune. As a rule of Thumb its best to apply an autumn fertiliser which should be low on nitrogen & high on potassium; this strengthens the grass amd makes it more resistant to frost. Are you beginning to see Potless isn’t just about linking help seekers to service providers? We’re a handy source for gardening & trade tips too! Spread the word: Help4FREE, Help4HIRE, Barter

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