Farm & Industrial

Image of Casual labour showing British farm workers picking fruit in an apple orchardCry out ‘British Jobs for British Workers’ and you’ll likely land yourself in HOT WATER, as Gordon Brown found out way back in 2009. At the time, workers at power stations & refineries erupted in anger over plans by oil companies to award jobs to Portuguese & Italian nationals. A series of unofficial strikes broke out, with several protesters carrying placards quoting the Prime Minister’s words. The industrial action was just the latest in a series of disputes nationwide over the use of cheap foreign labour instead of domestic workers. The controversial phrase was branded illegal & racist by some & Downing Street was forced on to the back foot. A spokeman for Brown came out & said “I don’t see any reason for regret. The action that we have taken has meant that we are now putting in place measures that ensure British workers can have access to the vacancies in the system”. Over the following weeks and months, pressure was brought to bear on industries as ministers told them to ‘do all you can to help the British Economy’. There was talk about introducing a points based immigration system, to ensure British workers were given first choice over available employement opportunities. SOUND FAMILIAR?????

Eleven years on and we all know what happened.  However you interpret Brexit its fair to say one of the main drivers for the breakup was peoples’ unease about the mass influx of foreign workers, and the steady erosion of British Wages as a result. This website isn’t the place to debate the why’s and therefores or the rights and wrongs, suffice to say Brexit has come to pass. Free movement of people is coming to an end… BEFORE anyone had ever heard of Covid-19. Some will say its ‘payback’. Farm & Industrial businesses UK wide have been encouraging peoples from abroad to ‘do the jobs British workers won’t do’ for years. Whatever your POV (Point Of View), if you’re now one of those employers struggling to find workers, it’s not going to help pick an orchard’s worth of fruit or pack a warehouse worth of goods arguing over the merits or otherwise of indigenous labour!  The entire landscape is changing, socially, environmentally & politically, with big moves in the redistribution of wealth and resources. Put Potless to the test. Find  local workers for farm & industry by posting casual work under the general section of ‘Get Help’, Good luck guys!