Entertainers at a wedding ball, Image shows a performer in a band playing a guitar Have you ever wondered why there are so many music & performers competitions on TV? It’s because there’s a ton of RAW TALENT across the UK just waiting to be seen, heard & loved. Do you like to perform? For every rising star there are a hundred other entertainers playing gigs locally for very little money or even for free. Are you one of them? Looking for more exposure and practise? Potless can help in numerous ways.

If you have space or rooms that could be used by entertainers & performers for rehearsals, list them under Help Providers. If you’re looking for a venue to practise in Ask For Help. What about transport? When you’re just starting out & money’s tight, all too often it’ll be a shabby old estate car or van. As sure as the Pope’s Catholic, one day it’s going to break down…the day you need it to get to THE BIG ONE. What to do? Turn to Potless to find last minute Help With Transport.

Are you an old rocker down on your luck but can still ace it on the guitar? Yes? So why not put yourself out there?  You could offer music lessons for ready cash, casual advice, or simply hook up with like minded people. Some of them may be lonely souls, living in the past. They’re out there! Who knows, new contacts could change your life, in a good way, Find them HERE.

Remember guys, Stellar Performers attract glowing reviews on social media; it’s the 21st Century’s version of Word Of Mouth. Find people looking for class acts & entertainers, or showcase your gig here on Potless. Most of all though have fun, while always trying to keep moving onward & upward. The sky’s the limit. All kinds of artists & performers across the entertainment spectrum are welcome including up & coming DJ’s, rock, swing, jazz and string bands, singers & solo performers, street musicians, tribute & comedy acts, carricaturists, magicians, balloon twisters, jugglers, kids party entertainers, drag queens, face and body painters, Set the stage….