Cleaning & Domestic

Image of smiling lady cleaning in domestic home Potless MD formerly ran a commercial cleaning company in Scotland, with national contracts covering offices, industrial premises, floor machine repair for a big supermarket chain, and house cleaning services. He even wrote a book on the subject called ‘Clean for Profit, Not For Somebody Else’.  So, we know an awful lot about cleaning.

Domestic Services are a wee bit different. In addition to cleaning, domestic worker’s job remits will often include household services for an individual or a family. These range from caring for kids and the elderly, cooking, laundry & ironing, shopping for food, bill payment and other household errands.

Cleaning is mostly about using the right products, plenty of elbow grease & attention to detail. Then there are the specialist cleaning tasks like holiday lets, static caravans, AirB&Bs, End ofTenancies, wet and dry carpet cleaning, rug upholstery & sofa cleaning, stain removal, leather restoration etc. Bored by it all? Let’s face it, do you REALLY want to be wasting precious leisure time on these relatively mundane activities? On the other hand, are you one of those people who Loves To Clean?  It’s not unusual for domestic workers & long term cleaners to become almost a part of the family they serve.  It’s definitely work that gives Job Satisfaction to certain people, namely those who take pride in their work & who enjoy delivering a personalised service.

Casual cleaners, part-timers, volunteers, regulars, semi-retired, pros, specialists, whatever your cleaning problem, it’s likely you’ll find reliable & trustworthy men & women near you only too happy to help. Eventually. You may be lucky and find some-one straightaway; ‘the early bird always get’s the worm’ as they say, however, a word of caution: Brexit means it’s getting harder to find good reliable people for manual work. New helpers join Potless every day, so if at first you don’t succeed, hang in there. Our advice is to be patient. We have found that many service providers watch posts for days, weeks sometimes for one reason or another before responding. Good luck guys!