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Image of Fulfilment, Collection & Delivery of a parcel, Find good C&D drivers on PotlessDo you have a parcel to send? Lost your scissors? No parcel tape? Struggling to find wrapping paper suitable for shipping? Need a cardboard box? Is it an awkward size package bigger than a Large Letter and you don’t have the faintest clue how to wrap it? Have a parcel to collect from Royal Mail? Can’t get to the Post Office? Little things can escalate into a big problem if you don’t get order fulfilment, a Parcel To Go or Collection & Delivery sorted. You may even be at risk of financial penalties & account suspension if you fall foul of deadlines imposed by organisations like Amazon or Ebay. That’s where Potless comes in….

People are creatures of habit, often driving the same routes and calling at the same places day in day out. ‘Man with a Van’ browses these pages too, so if you’re looking to move something a bit bigger than a small package that’s OK! These guys offer cheap reliable next day delivery or even same day delivery, & it’s EASY to arrange, just Ask for their Help here on Potless. You’ll find people willing to drop a parcel off on their way to & from work, collection & delivery drivers grateful for extra money to cover costs (especially when running empty), trucks & truckers with space to spare; the possibilities are endless.

E-commerce business is booming. The Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ has tempted & in some cases forced firms to trade more online. There’s evidence to suggest that trend is here to stay as organisations begin to see greater profits from automation & reductions in staff numbers working front of house. So if you’re starting small in e-commerce & running your business from home but struggling with cost effective order fulfilment, post your predicament here on Potless. There are loads of good reliable people out there with time on their hands able & willing to trade their services on a casual basis, Go find’em….

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