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Closeup image of craft woman working on sewing machineDo you like to create & craft?  ‘Creative Industries’ are the ‘buzz businesses’ of our time. They include web designers, developers, bloggers & copywriters etc etc, but if your idea of getting creative is more about fabrics, art & craft, you’re in good company here on Potless.  Have you watched craft TV shows and fancied having a go yourself? Sometimes its not easy to find craft classes or workshops nearby, but have you considered looking for local crafting companions? Not only are they likely to be ‘kindred spirirts’; they may also help you with sourcing materials & accessories, and pass on tips & expertise for FREE.

Do you have kids permanently glued to devices? GROAN. Their idea of craft might be turning a portrait of Gran into a catface with whiskers on their phone, adorned with all kinds of crazy stickers; something the average 8 year old can do in seconds. Give them a needle and thread though & they’re bored, but hey! Hobbycraft can be fun! Its different strokes for different folks. You can find all kinds of crafty people on Potless, from jewellery makers to calligraphers, painters & sculptors, as well as experts in ceramics & pottery, candle making, country crafts and more.

On a more prosaic note, do you have a knitting or sewing machine in a spare room gathering dust? History is repeating itself. Hard times are here & folk are beginning to question the throwaway culture. There’s never been a better time to earn cash from mending clothes, clothing alterations, or even making your own from dressmaking patterns, just like we used to 50 years ago. Made in China? No thanks. List your craft needs and wants here on Potless. Help4FREE, Help4Hire & Barter.

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