Image of Private Chef cooking in home kitchenEver gotten home of an evening & CAN’T BE BOTHERED to cook? Chances are you’ll not want to go out either, especially if you live alone. The number of single occupant homes has risen by a fifth over the last 20 years, driven mainly by increases in men aged 45-64 living alone. Scotland has the highest proportion of 1 person houesholds at 35% & London the lowest at 24%.

If you enjoy watching programs like MasterChef and Ready Steady Cook it’s likely you’ve a healthy interest in cooking, however, busy lifestyles often mean TIME is your enemy. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find some-one who could REALLY COOK. Someone who could source all the ingredients needed for your favourite choice of gourmet meal, and then turn up to your home, prepare it, cook it and serve without any fuss or fanfare.  A tall order you might think? How about Watercress Soup & Creme Fraiche, tarragon & Toasted Garlic Bread for starters, followed by Pan Fried Fillet of Seabass, Sauteed Baby Potatoes, Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables & Basil Salad for a Main Course? Is your mouth watering yet?

Private chefs are gaining in popularity, and you’ll find them offering choices like the one above for around forty five quid. You only have to watch the regular versions of MasterChef (as opposed to MasterChef Professional) to know there are hundreds of keen amateurs out there every bit as good as the professionals. Most don’t want to work as pro chefs; cooking to them is a hobby and a way of relaxing. Some of them are somewhere in-between, looking for a bit more than hobby status, but not wanting to commit to full scale career change. So if you’re craving for a fabulous meal for one, or ‘professional’ help with cooking at a family barbecue or function, there are skilled people who love to cook EVERYWHERE. You just gotta find them….Enter the term ‘private chef’ ‘simply cook’ or ‘barbecue’ into Potless SEARCH box and see what comes up, ‘Dinner is Served’…Yum Yum