Vector image of Barter & The Evolution of MoneyPeople asked us at the Business Planning stage of Potless ‘Why would anyone be interested in Barter or Exchange when we’ve got a perfectly good system called MONEY?’ Well my friends, it’s the same reason why canny investors buy GOLD in times of trouble. Money can become worthless especially in times of Depression with high levels of Quantative Easing (the fancy words they use these days for printing ever more of the stuff aka devaluation). That’s assuming you have it in the first place. Following Covid-19, ever larger numbers of folk face short time, unemployment & life on Universal Credit so Barter Services are coming to the fore once again, just like Pawn Shops re-emerged in recent years due to high levels of DEBT.  Its fair to point out though, that the world was well on its way to another GFC long before the virus took hold.

Barter is as old as the hills. It’s a system of exchange where participants in a transaction directly exchange goods or services without using a medium of exchange such as money. Barter is used when money is in short supply or when there is little information about the credit worthiness of trade partners. Example: Mary is a dog groomer who’s brilliant with pets, but hopeless on a computer. Ideally, she’d like a few more clients to increase profits. She knows she needs to spread the word online and let every dog owner in her local area see the good things people say about her in posts and reviews. Joe on the other hand is a Digital Marketer & unemployed sadly, since the company he worked for ceased trading. Joe has a cocker spaniel called Scruff who loves to chase rabbits through thickets before a run on the beach. Needless to say Scruff’s coat is a MESS, & Joe admits his home smells a wee bit ‘doggy’ because of it.

Setting up a Facebook Account is childsplay for Joe. Grooming Scruff’s coat is a LABOUR OF LOVE for Mary. She just adores any kind of dog. The average cost of dog grooming in 2020 for the UK is £38, about the same as Joe could expect for an hour and a half’s work creating Business Pages on relevant Social Media platforms. Joe has no money. Mary wants more customers but daren’t go near an Agency for fear of being ripped off. Can you now see how useful the Barter System is  in these most precarious of times? Click Here for Barter Members on Potless