Car & Bike

Image of Home Mechanic, Search Car & Bike Services or Parking on Potless to save a fortuneCar & Bike is one of our biggest categories. And with good reason. The United Kingdom is home to some 33 million passenger cars & around a million motorcycles. As for bicycle numbers who knows? What we DO KNOW is that cycling accounts for just 2% of journeys in England (2017) far behind figures for counties like the Netherlands (43%) & Denmark (30%). China has the most bicycles of any country with c60 million units being sold annually.

People spend a FORTUNE on just about anything & everything to do with cars and bikes. Disappointment with levels of service & cost are not uncommon. Have you ever been to one of those hand car washes where nobody speaks much English and you’ve felt slightly intimidated? And then you get down the road and notice they’ve missed a bit on the corner of the rear valance! OR you find flies still stuck to part of the windscreen, but you’re wary about complaining? We bet you have! True you get what you pay for, and there are car valeters & detailers out there perfectly capable of restoring your car to ‘nearly new condition’. They’ll charge between 10 & 20 times the cost of the hand car wash brigade. But get this: there are also enthusiasts out there with time on their hands who are interested in cars & find cleaning therapeutic. The same goes for mechanical issues. There are hundreds of knowledgeable car nuts about who’ll fix stuff for a fair price and do it right. They don’t want to do it for a living, but the odd couple of cars a week helps pay the bills. Find them here on Potless!

Do you have an old car in the garage or sat on a driveway* that hasn’t moved in years? Is it time it was sold or at least LOVED? Something you might have been threatening to do for DECADES? There are people about who can work miracles with T-cut and polish or specialist products like waterless car cleaning. The same kind of guys will likely be able to pump up that flat tyre &/or take it away for repair, find car parts for less, and even help you value your car & bike before listing it on sites like AutoTrader. Don’t fall for derisory offers from the big car buyers lurking online &/or your TV. The modern world is geared to doing everything on the internet, Do or Die. Potless understands that not everyone out there is UP TO SPEED but it works both ways: Consider someone brought up on tech (you’ll recognise them… the ones forever texting using both thumbs at 38 words a minute) …he or she might struggle when it comes to changing a wheel on a car or even getting it started on a cold and frosty morning. That’s why Potless is so handy linking people to skills with Help4Free & Help4Hire!

*Talking of driveways, do you live in a congested area, close to a train station, tube or airport? Hard pressed commuters fed up with getting fleeced by the railways, the councils & big operators like NCP for car & bike parking, might pay you to use that free space. All you have to do is to Find Each Other here on Potless, negotiate an agreement & voila, you’ve saved big money on parking because the pennies add up. Just £1 a day amounts to around £240 a year for a single car. Would that help pay for your HOLIDAY?