Christmas Countdown

Image of homeowner struggling with outdoor Christmas LightsHow many days till Christmas? Is this a joyous time of year for you? Or a Nightmare? Do you love Outdoor Christmas Decorations but don’t buy them because of the hassle putting them up? How about trying to get a 7ft Christmas Tree into a 5ft hatchback? Not so simple huh? No problem though if you can hookup with local White Van Man who’ll drop it off for the price of a ‘drink’? Ask for him right here right now on Potless.

Then there’s the stupid price of  cards & postage. OK, we get it, a lot of people don’t bother these days and send an email instead with a Merry Christmas GIF attached to it. But what if you’re ‘old skool’ and have a Christmas Card list a mile long with many of the recipients in your Local Area?  March 2020 saw the cost of a Second Class stamp with Royal Mail rise to a whopping 65 pence. That’s 13 bob in the old money by the way, or close on 33 quid to deliver 50 cards. If you leave it a bit late and have to resort to sending them by First Class Post, that figure jumps to £38! WOW. Any weekday night you’ll see joggers & power walkers pounding the pavements across towns & villages UK nationwide. Do you think one or two of them might be only too happy to drop them for half the price while getting their precious exercise?

Christmas is one of the most searched for catgories on the internet. From gift sourcing and wrapping, party planning, food & booze shopping for the 12 days of Christmas, Xmas entertainers, people good at craft who like making christmas wreaths, home made cards & table decorations, clearing up after Christmas, whatever your needs there’s a good chance you’ll find helping hands here on Potless, Help4Free, Help4Hire, Merry Christmas y’all, Hoh Hoh Hoh….