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Save Our Rights, Know Your Rights

Today's headline news (4th June) is about Portugal being taken off the 'green list' of holiday destinations. 345,000 UK holiday makers have seats booked across 1800 flights according to travel data company Cirium. People are reported to be 'fuming' over the diktak & jumping up and down about having to 'self isolate' for 10 days upon their return should they decide to take a chance. At least the 30,000 'jobsworths' directed by the government to police self isolation will be kept busy 🙁  Airline shares have fallen, BA by 5%, with BALPA (airline pilots union) saying it could be the final nail in the coffin for the beleaguered travel and aviation industries. Benefiting as I do from 'inside information' about what's really going on with the airlines, I have no doubt their prediction will prove correct.

The same week (Monday June 1st) saw headline news concerning another group. A million or so private renters are facing eviction as emergency Covid measures which halted bailiff evictions during the 'pandemic', came to an end. In November 2020 SHELTER talked about 450,000 households being in rent arrears, and that situation hasn't improved. A high proportion of private renters are people worst hit by Covid restrictions. Most of the 345,000 whining about Portugal will have been relatively unaffected financially by Covid (average saved during lockdown £7500) typically people working 'normally' from home, public sector employees etc. Meanwhile for those still furloughed by zombie companies, people who've been laid off, on short time, or the hundreds of thousands of self employed who've received no help at all during the 'pandemic', life continues to be especially hard. Inequality is worsening between the have's and the have nots, the latter group no longer the preserve of the work shy or the scroungers; decent working class people are being thrown under the bus by the elites. We hear talk constantly of so many hundreds of millions of pounds thrown here there and everywhere by politicians. But sadly, few people have any real grasp of numbers these days,  proven by their panic over a 'virus' which has a c99.3% survival rate. A mere million people facing eviction is of little concern to the 'majority', nor is the plight of thousands of pub landlords to people 'who don't use them'....'sick of hearing about them'

What does a million really look like? I'll tell you what it looks like. Its 9 miles of people protesting.

Oxford Street London, central to recent Save Our Rights protests

Save Our Rights logoOxford Street is a mile and a half long, and it's been crammed recently with activists United for Freedom & fighting to 'Save Our Rights'. Have you ever been to Oxford Street in London? Marchers between 25 and 40 abreast over its ENTIRE LENGTH account for around 80,000 people alone. As the front of the procession returned to Hyde Park Corner following 4 hours marching, there were still people at the tail end back in Oxford Street. Play the video of the May 29th protest 'Mainstream Media You Cannot Ignore.... ' [but you did so #DefundTheBBC] That is what a million people looks like, the same huge number currently facing eviction. I was amongst the demonstrators fighting for our Rights and for Freedom, and against a government hellbent on CONTROL. A government who doesn't give a jot about 'low pay workers', only on re-setting the country to a global agenda and promoting us as an 'example' to the World post Brexit. I'll share with you a few words from Kenan Malik, an Observer columnist writing for The Guardian in March which I think sums it up...

Covid has exposed much about our societies, from the depth of inequalities to the significance of social interactions. There is much talk about using the lessons learned to reset the post-pandemic social contract. When it comes to policing, the reshaping of what “consent” means is already happening. If we are not alert, we may well find ourselves reduced, metaphorically, to sitting in the corner, whispering our grievances.

Private renters, Fight Back against injustice. Don't feel you're isolated and metaphorically 'sitting in the corner'.  Most private renters falling on hard times have done nothing wrong. Know your rights, Click this link for help & to learn more. is a site made for helping people just like you. We've been mildly disappointed this past 14 months over the slow growth of subscriber numbers. This is partly due to lack of funding (work in progress) but also because putting it crudely, the shit has yet to hit the fan. Many people are awash with Covid cash handouts (like the 345,000 mentioned above).  Lately though we've been encouraged & assured our site has some merit. Studying new routes to fundraising has led to discussions with senior people in the charity sector, one or two of whom have suggested we may just be a little ahead of our time. Inflationary pressure is building, and it's far from certain that jolly Mr Sunak's build back better is going to end well. If you're finding life tough right now and at the bottom end of the inequality gap, sign up to potless today to EARN, & SAVE MONEY. Please help us by supporting our fledgling platform. Post all those little jobs you want done that nobody else seems interested in doing. Bid for work if you're short of cash in hand. Thirty pounds earned running errands or doing odd jobs can be a lifesaver to someone facing eviction and homelessness.

And finally; if this blog's piqued your interest, & you want your voice heard in the fight to Save Our Rights or to protest against inequality & discrimination join us in Parliament Square on the 21st June and again for another march in London on the 26th. (when 2 million are expected) TTFN