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Make Money as Help for Hire, doing Errands, Odd Jobs & Home Services, all areas of the UK.

Become a Helper if you’ve time on your hands and you like helping others. Ideal for Furloughed, #Excluded, Self Employed, Unemployed, In-Betweeners, Tradespeople, Handypeople, Semi-Retired, Odd Jobbers, Techies & Students.


Volunteer & Help for Free! Why would you want to do that?

potless.co.uk know that there are people around who will do all manner of jobs simply out of a desire to help others with no expectation of reward, not in monetary terms anyway. Their true motivation may lie in cognitive reasons such as empathy & a desire to relieve their own negative feelings, OR, neurological reasons; Altruism as it is known, has been proven to stimulate reward centres in the brain, triggering ‘feel-good-factor’, If that’s you, sign up using the same form as Help for Hire…

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