Terms & Conditions

With its HQ at 74 Victoria Road, Darlington DL1 5JG, England, potless is the Agent acting on behalf of the Principal: IDO Trading Ltd, whose registered office is at 74 Victoria Road, Darlington DL1 5JG, England. Company number 12563002

These terms of service set out the terms of use on which you may make use of the potless platform.

The following websites are subject to this agreement;



These Terms of Service establish a legally binding Agreement between you and the ‘potless platform’

1) Within this Agreement

  • Help Seekers are known as Clients.
  • Help Seekers may also be Help Providers, and Help Providers may also be Help Seekers. Barter providers may be both Help Seekers and Help Providers. Therefore, hereinafter both Help Seekers AND Help Providers are collectively referred to as Members.
  • By using our platform you confirm your acceptance & obligation to comply with this entire Agreement. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, you cannot legitimately use the potless platform.
  • These Terms of Service apply to any use of the potless platform including accessing, browsing, or registering to use the potless platform from any device(s)
  • We recommend you read these terms carefully prior to using our platform, as these will apply to your use of it. You should consider saving or printing a copy for reference purposes.
  • All personal data submitted to the potless platform or that which we collect from you are governed by our Privacy Policy, a copy of which you can find here.

2) Definitions

  • ‘Client’ means any person who posts a Job on the potless platform.
  • ‘Content’ means all postings, bios, text, files, images, photos, videos, sounds or other material posted on the platform by you.
  • ‘Job’ means a job or task submitted by a Client via our platform
  • ‘Lead’ means a notification of a Job we offer to Members enabling them to indicate interest.
  • ‘Service Agreement’ is a legally binding contract which is formed between Members when they agree the terms of a Job
  • ‘Service Provider’ is anyone who performs a job or task posted on the potless patform.

3) potless.co.uk is an online communications platform that facilitates connections between Members. Members are rated on their performance by those who connect with them via the platform.

4) potless.co.uk reserves the right to withdraw, restrict or suspend the availability of all or any part of the potless platform at any time for business, operational or legal reasons. potless will endeavour to give Members fair warning of any such action. potless accepts no liability whatsoever for losses incurred as a result of the platform being unavailable.

5) You must be aged 18 years or over to access the potless platform.

6) Access to the potless platform is free of charge. Access is not a right or otherwise assured by potless.  potless cannot guarantee accuracy of any information on the website and is not liable for problems or losses arising from errors in the Content or the potless platform.

7) Service Providers are independent helpers and not employees, partners, associates, affiliates, agents, contractors or franchisees of potless. potless is not an employer or an employment agency. Clients are responsible for selecting a help provider to carry out their Job. Clients accept that any Service Agreement entered into with respect to any Job is a completely separate contract between the Client & the Help Provider, and potless cannot be held liable to either party under any such contract. Nothing in these Terms of Use shall imply any partnership or business relationship between potless and Members in relation to help or services provided or received, Members shall not represent themselves as agents or acting on behalf of potless.

8) We reserve the right to change or update these Terms of Use at any time. You are responsible for acknowledging any updates; if you fail to do so, access to potless may be restricted or denied.

9) potless has the right to deactivate your account, block access, or otherwise terminate use of the platform for any reason and without notice, including if potless believes you have violated these Terms intentionally or by acting in a manner inconsistent with the spirit of these Terms of Use.

10) Members are provided with various identification codes, passwords & other information as part of our access & security protocol. Members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this material and are responsible for all activities that occur under it & their username. To ensure potless remains available to legitimate users, we reserve the right to monitor traffic & to identify any unauthorised activities, including attempts to upload or alter information, or otherwise cause damage to the potless platform. Anyone using potless consents to security monitoring. Any unauthorised attempts to modify, deface, change, destroy or corrupt any information stored on potless, or to circumvent or defeat security measures, or to install unauthorised software, to probe, scan or test for vulnerability, or mount denial of service attacks, or breach security or authentication measures or to utilise the potless site for anything other than its intended purpose are expressly prohibited and may result in criminal prosecution. Any potentially unlawful activity may result in us reporting it to the relevant authorities, together with evidence we may hold or have access to.

11) User created Content must not include:

  • profanities or any other offensive language
  • obscene or sexually provocative images
  • racial or sexual slurs or abuse
  • threats
  • defamatory or libellous material
  • links to other websites
  • contact details or words or instructions hidden within Content with the intent of providing means of contact
  • duplicated content, in other words you may not post the same Job repeatedly

12) potless will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of your use of Content posted on the platform

13) potless owns the intellectual property rights relating to the potless platform, including the design, logos, text, database, graphics, layouts, and no part of the potless platform may be copied without our express permission. By accepting these Terms of Use you hereby grant potless a non exclusive right to all copyright & publicity rights of Member generated content in exchange for use of the potless platform.

14) Members are encouraged to become DBS checked (vetted providers by way of the Disclosure & Barring Service), ID checked (External ID validation) and/or Right To Work checked when they register. potless works with an Accredited Umbrella Organisation designated by HM Government to provide these checks & safeguards, but we cannot & will not be held responsible for the accuracy or reliability of background information. When information has been verified, Members are given the option to display the appropriate badge or mark against their profile. potless will not be held liable for any false or misleading statements made by Members on the platform.

15) These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law & any disputes arising in connection with these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Any provisions deemed illegal or unenforceable shall be severed, & the remainder of the Terms of Use shall remain in full force & effect.