How It Works

How to get help

To Get Help, Find Help, Ask for Help, or Get Something Done, you need first to click ‘GET HELP’ button.

Image of menu bar with arrow pointing to GET HELP Page

Once ‘GET HELP’ page appears, kindly fill in the details it asks you for. If you’ve logged anytime in the past, then you’ll need to Log In again BEFORE attempting to fill out the form. If you’re a NEW USER, fill in the form starting with the ‘YOUR EMAIL’ & ‘YOUR NAME’ boxes, proceed down the form as shown in the screenshot below, then click the yellow ‘POST YOUR JOB’ button at the bottom of the form

Image of GET HELP Job Details form on

Once you’ve ‘posted your job’ you’ll receive an email notifying ‘Job Published’ on the potless platform

Image of 'Job Published' email received from

Now, all you need to do is wait for helpers to INDICATE INTEREST….

Image of Hourglass to signifying the need to wait for helpers to indicate interest

How it works for helpers

First sign up to BECOME A HELPER.

Once you’ve signed up, you can browse the site by location or job category, or use the JOB SEARCH to find jobs you are interested in. When you find a job you like, click the “Indicate Interest” button. Then the ball is in their court!

For free jobs and smaller jobs, the person who posted the job will be able to contact you directly.

For bigger paid jobs, they can shortlist up to three people for the job. Once you’re shortlisted, you know you’re not competing against hundreds of other people! Then you can pay a small fee (£0.99) to be able to contact the person who listed the job.

How it works for barter

First sign up to BECOME A HELPER and then join as a barter member.

You’ll need to indicate what categories of jobs you’re willing to do for barter, and post a few jobs that you want people to do for you.

If you’re a barter member, you can easily see the contact details for the people who posted barter jobs. We don’t charge you anything to access them; instead there’s a £4.99 fee per month to become a barter member.

When you’re viewing someone else’s barter job, we’ll show you a list of jobs you posted that we think might be a suitable exchange.

When you view your own barter job, we provide a search tool to find suitable matches in your local area.

Barter relies on you to be flexible. You have the best chance of making a match if you’re willing to do jobs in more categories. And you have the best chance of making a match if you post more jobs for people to do for you.