About Us

We’re an enthusiastic team lead by Jeremy Potter from headquarters in Darlington, North East England. Jeremy’s worked for 47 years to date, 36 of them running B2C and B2B businesses as a sole trader. He’s sealed deals with all kinds, ranging from the poorest in society to captains of industry, middle class households to PLCs; all ages too from teenagers to octogenarians. Back in the 1980’s Margaret Thatcher’s premiership and Brian Walden’s ‘Weekend World’ programme in particular sparked an interest in politics for Jeremy which endures to this day. In the Noughties, disillusioned with with the way our country was going and what it had become, he sought to do more. Joining a political party initially as a supporter & soon after an activist, he helped with others to promote policies first in Scotland then in the North East. Time constraints meant Jeremy couldn’t do as much as he wanted, however, bitter divisions brought about by generational differences & Brexit prompted him to do SOMETHING. ‘Potless’ was born in Spring 2019. It was originally planned to be an online forum & marketplace for people concerned & angry about inequality, dwindling levels of disposable income & a widening wealth gap. An estimated 14.3 million people are ‘in poverty’ in the UK including 8.3 million working age adults & 1.3 million+ pensioners [Social Metrics Commission figures].  Millions of self employed & gig economy workers face bleak futures, even after a lifetime of work in many cases. These people are frequently held up as ‘the back-bone of the country’, yet their long term needs & welfare are largely ignored by government. People raised their glasses in January 2020 to a new decade, forecast by some to be a re-run of the Roaring Twenties. In reality, most of the Western World was already mired in debt and well down the road towards another Great Financial Crisis. Many ‘household names’ were predicted to go under in 2020.

Covid-19 has added FUEL TO THE FIRE, hastening the demise of thousands more companies.  As we’ve come to expect, knee-jerk political decisions have been taken with scant regard to EXIT STRATEGIES. It looks likely the USUAL PEOPLE will pick up the bill; not the big corporations & hedge funds but you! Yes you…the ‘ordinary’ person who’s been ‘furloughed’ as they like to call it, or even worse made unemployed through no fault of your own.

POTLESS seeks to lend a hand to households & individuals on both sides of the fence; consumers AND service providers as they struggle to come to terms with some of these big issues. Can we be described as an altruistic organisation? To be honest, we’re a commercial site first and foremost, nevertheless we’re a site with a CONSCIENCE and a SOUL. One characteristic of Altruism is that it leads people to do what’s best for others. It also makes them feel good in the process, Welcome to our platform….

‘Where there is Patience & Humility, there is neither Anger nor Annoyance,
Where there is Poverty & Joy, there is neither Cupidity nor Avarice’

Francis of Assissi

What We Are

potless links those seeking help around the home (or workplace) to people willing to offer them their time. Help providers fall into 3 categories; those offering their services for FREE, those who offer services and expect to be PAID, and those willing to BARTER. In contrast to other ‘service sites’ collecting BIG COMMISSIONS & HIGH BID CHARGES, potless rates are LOW, based on a tiny flat fee of just 99 pence with many help seekers paying NOTHING AT ALL

potless charges a tiny fee for lending a hand to households & individuals, Image shows a 99p graphic

What We’re Not

We’re not just another site flogging tradespeople, manipulating reviews & raking in SQUILLIONS in fees! Nor are we merely a ‘lite version’ of some big American online auction site. potless is a site with a soul. Our fingers are on the pulse of what’s happening to ordinary folk & households in contemporary Britain. Our #1 objective is to lend a hand at LOW COST or for FREE. Often, it’s the little things in life that people struggle with. We’re doing our best to address those needs & make life easier. Get Help today, or BECOME A HELPER.