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Help when you need it. We're an online marketplace that Lends A Hand To Households & Individuals across the UK with Help for FREE, Help for HIRE and opportunities to Barter.

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.

quote by William Arthur Ward and never more true than now in 2022…

Have you ever needed help with something small but didn't think anyone would be interested? Or you didn't know where to look? potless.co.uk solves that problem by connecting those seeking help with 'the little things in life' to those willing to offer them their time. You can Get Help with bigger jobs too on potless.co.uk



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Wanting something done? If you’re looking for Free Help, Help for Hire or to Barter with Like-Minded Souls, post your job, task or errands on potless.co.uk NOW!

Want to help? Get involved. Become A Helper if you've time on your hands and you like helping others. Volunteer & Help for Free or Sign Up to Help for Hire. EARN EXTRA CASH FAST: #StillHiring! You'll find hundreds of local jobs, errands & work opportunites posted here on potless.co.uk.

potless.co.uk is free to join

Service Providers or 'taskers' as some people like to call them fall into 3 categories:

Errands and small jobs you'd expect to pay £30 or under for get listed under 'Little Jobs'.

Needing work done for a Fair Price? Hire Local! Anything paying £30 to £1000+ gets listed under 'Bigger Jobs'. We're not a trade provider platform as such. Our focus is on ORDINARY PEOPLE with EXTRAORDINARY SKILLS including part time workers, in-betweener's, home workers, odd jobbers, handymen, zero hour work & gig economy victims, self-improvers, semi-retired & the self employed. Click the 'HELP for HIRE' button NOW...

Are you in need of some assistance but can't afford to pay? It happens.

Why would anyone offer to Help for FREE?

Believe it or not, there are people around who will do all manner of jobs simply out of a desire to HELP OTHERS with no expectation of reward; not in monetary terms anyway. Their true motivation may lie in cognitive reasons such as empathy & a desire to relieve their own negative feelings OR neurological reasons; 'Altruism' as it's known, has been proven to stimulate reward centres in the brain, triggering 'feel-good-factor'. The good news is, you can find these folk here on POTLESS. Click the 'HELP for FREE' button NOW...

People asked at the inception stage of Potless ‘Why would anyone want to Barter when we’ve got a perfectly good system called MONEY?'

Barter is used when cash is in short supply or when there is little information about the credit worthiness of trade partners. Hmmmm, like now perhaps? It's a system where participants in a transaction directly exchange goods or services without using a medium of exchange such as currency. Click the 'BARTER' button now to access 'Barter Membership' & opportunities.

We need people like you!


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